A Simple Iced Latte Recipe (and how you can up your iced coffee game at home)

Iced Coffee is an undeniable Summertime staple. It just tastes better around this time of year, right? We definitely think so! That’s why we’ve got you covered this Summer with this simple how to guide to make the best iced coffee at home. 

Before we begin, let’s just reassure you, iced coffee is very easy to make. Coffee, Milk/Water and Ice. It’s really just those 3 steps, but we’re going to run through all the ways you can make your iced coffee dreams a reality at home. 

Step 1: Coffee

We recommend using espresso for your iced coffee for the authentic cafe experience, 

If you’ve got an espresso machine then pull your shot and you’re ready to go. If you don’t have an espresso machine at home then there’s a few other ways you can brew some espresso like coffee to produce the same quality end result.

A Moka Pot  is an Italian stove top coffee maker that produces coffee nearly identical to espresso. We generally refer to it as espresso adjacent. They’re very easy to use and run quite cheap for about £10 to £15. 

Another option is instant coffee. We recommend using Nescafe Azera x Grindsmith Explorer Blend (Available in Co-Op & Sainsbury’s) to really benefit from the signature Grindsmith flavour and quality. Take 2 teaspoons of Explorer in a mug and mix it with 50ml of hot water to produce an instant espresso. 

Step 2: Ice 

An unavoidable element in Ice Coffee. We’ve got no clever hacks for this one but of you’ve got a tap and a freezer, you’re pretty much ready to go. 

Step 3: Milk

Once you’ve got your coffee made and your ice in a nice glass, you’ve then got to choose how you’re drinking your iced coffee. There’s no hard and fast rule about how you need to be doing this. If it tastes nice to you then it’s a success! Use whatever milk or milk alternative you like, and if you like your coffee black you can use water instead! Depending on how strong you like your coffee use more or less milk for your base. 

Boost your Iced Coffee Experience

Now that you know how to make some pretty tasty iced coffee at home, we can now tell you how to make it even better!

Sugar/Syrups: You might already know this as syrup and iced coffee tend to go hand in hand but if you didn’t this is a top tip to boost your iced coffee experience. A quick pro tip: dissolve your sugar or syrup in the espresso before you pour your coffee into your glass to keep it sweet all the way through. 

Add Chocolate for an Iced Mocha: if you fancy something a bit more decadent, why not add chocolate? Dissolving chocolate or chocolate powder in your espresso makes for a gorgeous iced mocha that can satisfy any sweet tooth.

Use Cold Brew Concentrate: Using concentrated cold brew is just never a bad idea if you can do it. Keep your eyes on our social media for a how to soon!

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