Farm Feature: Colombia, El Mirador

Today, we are featuring a farm with whom we share one of our strongest relationships: El Mirador. 

El Mirador is located in a very small town called Picuma in the Suaza municipality of Huila. The farm is run by some very good friends of Grindsmith, Jose Losada and Kyle Bellinger. 

Jose & Kyle started out their relationship when Kyle was buying coffee from him for his own company in the US. The pair then decided to deepen their relationship and Kyle made a significant investment into the company in 2015 solidifying their relationship as business partners ever since. 


Passion for quality is central to Jose & Kyle's work, and they will stop at nothing to achieve the best results. This mutual passion for quality in our products gives us an amazing relationship with this farm, and we've loved working with these guys from the very beginning of our coffee roasting days!


We visited El Mirador a few years ago towards the beginning of our own journey and were impressed not only by the size of the operation, and the quality of product but also by the way in which they chose to operate. Osito Coffee offers their employees and farmers a wage far above the national average in Colombia. They do this by fixing their prices across all qualities of product, whether amazing or average. This model of purchasing stabilises the prices for farmers and offers a livable income that they would struggle to get when having to do business with other exporters or compete with larger & richer farms.  

We use Jose & Kyle's coffee for our single origin El Mirador filter. This coffee is clean and sweet, presenting a tasty brown sugar and caramel flavour in the cup with a citrusy, orange-like finish. It's a classic Colombian coffee profile, done extremely well, and a staff favourite. 

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