Steamy Secrets of our Roastery finally revealed ….sort of!


Hey Coffee Lovers!

Here at Grindsmith, we believe every cup of coffee tells a story, and we want you to be part of it! We’d love to share some of our coffee roasting process with you, so read on if you want in….

Roasting coffee isn’t just a science; it’s an art! This might sound a little pretentious, but that’s just speciality coffee, right? Wrong! It really doesn’t have to be. There’s no magical curtain that hides all the coffee secrets. Just read on to see what goes on behind the non-elusive roastery shutters.

Each batch of our specialty-grade coffee is roasted to perfection, bringing out the unique flavors and aromas of the beans. We’re all about sourcing the finest beans from around the world to make sure every sip you take is an exceptional experience.


Our coffee journey kicks off with a careful selection process. We team up with farmers who share our passion for quality and sustainability. We often source through green coffee suppliers that share the same ethics as ourselves, and who have great bonds and relationships with their producers. By supporting ethical farming practices, we ensure our coffee not only tastes amazing but also positively impacts the communities where it’s grown.


Once the beans land at our Manchester roastery, our roasters get to work. They skillfully balance time and temperature to bring out the beans’ full potential. The result? Coffee bursting with rich, complex flavors, from fruity and floral notes to deep, chocolatey, nutty undertones.


 Why Specialty Grade?

Specialty grade coffee is next-level stuff. These beans are rated on a 100-point scale, and to be considered specialty, they have to score 80 or higher. This means you’re getting some top tier beans – coffee that’s not just good, but absolutely ‘chef’s kiss’.
We’d love for you to explore our range of specialty coffees and find your new favorite brew. Whether you’re into bold, robust espresso or smooth, delicate pour-overs, we’ve got something for everyone. Plus, every purchase supports sustainable practices and ethical sourcing.


Cheers to great coffee!

Thanks for being part of our coffee community. Stay tuned for more updates, brewing tips, and exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at our roasting process.



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