Kenya Gatuyaini AB (Filter)

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Gatuyaini AB
Producer: Othaya FCS
Origin: Nyeri, Kenya
Varietal:  SL28, SL34, Ruiru, Batian 
Processing: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1880masl
Profile: Blackberry, Syrupy, Bright

This lot comes from the Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society. There are a total of 19 factories that the FCS operates in Nyeri county and Gatuyaini is one of the largest. It is a focal point for the Co-op, with their cupping lab and dry mill located at the site. More recently the society has added a nursery and farm store to the site. There are seven employees that work year around for Othaya and a further fifteen are hired during peak harvest time.

The Gatuyaini village is situated between the Thuti and Tunuku rivers and around 800 farmers from the village contribute to the factory. There are 785 members that deliver to the Factory (591 men and 194 women). The average farm size is 69 acres and there is an annual rainfall in this area of around 1326mm. Most of the coffee trees planted are around 50 years of age.

During the harvest season (October to January) Gatuyaini receives cherry, which is then pulped and graded by density using water. The coffee is then wet fermented for 24-48 hours before being washed and dried on raised beds for 15 to 20 days.

Gatuyaini AB is a sweet, complex and bright Kenyan coffee we are proud of.  Full of flavour, citrus acidity and dark fruits.