Colombia Montes Tamana Decaf (Espresso)

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Montes Tamana  Decaf

Producer Juan Carlos Lopez
Origin Santuario, Risaralda, Colombia 
Varietal Colombia
Processing Washed and decaffeinated with Ethyl Acetate
Altitude 1950 - 2100masl

Profile Tangerine, Golden Raisin, Creamy 

Colour numbers:

Tangerine - 43
Golden Raisin - 105
Decaf - X6

Osito Colombia works mostly in Huila, so deciding to branch out to Santuario is credit to Juan Carlos' exceptional quality and the uniformity of his larger lots. 

This particular lot is decaffeinated locally, using Ethyl Acetate. Not only does local decaffeination done help to invest in Colombia, it also produces a delicious, juicy cup.