Brand New Filter : WORKA SAKARO

Introducing our latest coffee offering…
A Natural Anaerobic Ethiopian!

Over the years, the Yirgacheffe region’s reputation has grown and is now acclaimed for its fine coffee, producing some of the most sought after micro lots in the world! The Worka Sakaro washing station is located in the eponymous Gedeb district, near Yirgacheffe. The predominant varietals of this area are known as Kumie, Diga, and Wilsho.

This coffee is particularly unusual but also balanced and refined. Indigenous heirloom varietals from Ethiopia are known for their unique flavour notes, due to their growing conditions. A combination of high altitude, fertile soil, consistently plentiful rainfall, mixed with an abundance of local knowledge, make for a truly juicy cup, typical of Yirgacheffe coffee.



Rose//Black Tea//Limonata

Jammy fruit flavours shine through, with delicate florals and a creamy body.

Perfectly described by our roaster as…

‘Granny’s brew, your neighbours perfume and a wild evening in the south of Italy’

A combo we are intrigued by, to say the least!


What is the Anaerobic process?

If you’re into your coffee, then you might have heard the phrase ‘Anaerobic Fermentation’ dotted about recently! It is a fairly new method of coffee processing that creates exciting new flavours and is growing in popularity.

Cherries are delivered to the mill for meticulous sorting, with only the ripest cherries selected for processing. The fermentation process happens soon after Coffee is picked due to the presence of water, sugar, bacteria and yeast, but unlike aerobic fermentation, anaerobic fermentation allows the development of different acids, such as lactic acid. This can give the coffee a bright and almost ‘sparkling’ characteristic! The cherries are then packed into special vacuum sealed bags or tanks, where they anaerobically ferment for 72 hours. The presence of CO2 creates a pressure build up, which forces the juices and sugars into the bean. You can have anaerobic natural, honey or washed coffee.

Worka Sakaro is a Natural Anaerobic, meaning once fermentation has taken place, the cherries are dried in the sun, on raised African beds for 15 to 18 days. It is important to carefully turn them during this drying out period, to avoid further fermentation or mould formation. Once they have dried out, they take another journey to begin the secondary processing stage; hulling, grading, sorting.


We can’t wait for you to try this roast!
WORKA SAKARO is going live very soon…
Watch this space!







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