Cold Brew - Isn’t it just iced coffee?

Cold brew makes the perfect drink, to have in your fridge over summer. Mix with cocktails or simply drink over ice with a wedge of citrus, and splash of tonic.


Isn’t it just iced coffee?

A common misconception might be that Cold Brew is just an iced coffee, or something that millennials made up in their hipster era. The Japanese have actually been using and drinking cold brew since the 17th century! It takes brewing back to basics and of course, tastes amazing!

Cold brew is a way of brewing coffee that differs from the usual methods, where heat is used to brew the coffee. This style of brewing has a big impact on flavour and really alters the taste, compared to that of a hot, brewed coffee. Heat speeds up the brewing process, releasing the coffee flavours into the water quickly, whereas Cold Brew lets the process happen a little more naturally and so we are left with a very different tasting coffee.


So can you make cold brew at home?

100% yes!

It’s a super easy brewing method that doesn’t require too much ‘coffee equipment’ and finicky bits and bobs.

All you will need is:

coffee beans


weighing scales

filtered water

2 large jugs or carafe like items

filter paper

and a little bit of patience

Note: Cold brew isn’t a quick caffeine fix, (unless you’ve already brewed it that is) It takes a little time but is so worth it!

You can expect your Cold Brew to be less bitter than your average coffee and for the sweet and fruitier flavours to shine through. If you prefer a stronger tasting coffee with a touch of bitterness, we suggest brewing for longer.


Let’s get started…


First you will need to choose your coffee. We’ve gone for our Washed Guatemalan, Ayarza Santa Rosa. Its juicy berry and citrus notes will make it perfect for Cold Brew.

Next you will need to weigh out and grind your beans.

If you stick to a 1:8 ratio, you should be onto a winner! That’s 1 gram of coffee for every 8 grams of water (so you’ll need to check how much your chosen vessel can hold, before this stage)

We would recommend grinding your beans medium-coarse, like you would for a cafetière. On a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being ‘espresso fine’, set your grinder to 7/8. 

Take your carafe and pour in your filtered water. Then add your ground coffee and give a little stir to make sure all grounds are submerged and can begin steeping.

Cover and leave to brew for 15 hours.

After an agonising 15 hours, itching to taste your new creation, you will first need to filter your cold brew.

For this, you’ll need your filter paper.

Prepare your second carafe/jug with the filter paper in the top. Pour your brewed coffee over the paper and into the jug. Hopefully all your yummy cold brew will now be in your container, without any coffee grounds in it. You can always filter it a second time if you’re not happy with your first filtering process.

Now cover your cold brew and pop in the fridge to keep chilled. Your cold brew will keep for up to two weeks, but we’re sure it’ll all be gone long before then!


Ideal items for storing your cold brew…

Mason jar

Reusable bottles

Glass Jug


We’d love to see you trying out Cold Brew at home…

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