Ethiopian Guji Megadu (Filter)

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Ethiopian Guji Megadu (Filter)

Producer Bette Buna
Origin Guji, Ethiopia 
Varietal Enat Buna, 74112
Processing Natural
Altitude 2100 masl

 Strawberry, Apple, Dried Fruit 

This coffee is naturally processed, a common practice in Ethiopia as it does not require the large volumes of water a washed coffee requires. Due to prolonged dry periods in Ethiopia and the water availability buying Natural processed coffee is a more sustainable option (and it adds lots of flavour) so it’s a double bonus.

The coffee is a beautiful example of a clean natural, when we describe coffee as clean it refers to the clarity of flavour and its delicate texture. Some naturals can be very heavy and boozy when left to ferment longer. Megadu is a perfect balance of sweet/juicy and clean/delicate.

Available in 250g and 1kg bags.



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