About Us

Grindsmith was founded with the dream of bringing great coffee to Manchester.

Since our founding days, with the support of our team and community, we've grown in the heart of the city with multiple shops spread out across central Manchester to engage with our customers.

The craft of coffee is at the heart of Grindsmith's spirit and we love to not only serve our communities but also to educate , inform and encourage the pursuit of great coffee. We believe that by giving access to our knowledge and skills , we can provide the tools for the pursuit of perfection of the craft.

The real beating heart of the business is the Grindsmith Roastery based in the business district of Ancoats. Here, we are directly responsible for creating our coffee. We source our coffee ethically from some of the best farms and are extremely proud of the product we produce in collaboration with our suppliers.

We use our café as a shop window for our products but we're really all about the relationships and experiences we can share with our customers using our product we're so passionate about to bridge us with our guests. Our teams make our business what it is, and we're so proud of the people we've brought into the fold over the years to bring you great coffee and warm memories.

Our Founders

Pete and Luke are like the Yin & Yang of the coffee world, working together in harmony to bring a balanced result.

Pete (Left) is all about precision. He works day in, day out fine tuning the product to perfection and making sure that the company is bringing an educated team into the community. Pete's real passion is supporting people, especially his teams. He love giving anyone an opportunity to grow into something more in the company which is why you'll see most of our staff have been with us since the beginning. The only time he ever likes to be above anyone is at the foosball table.

Luke (Right) is a creative guy who loves to shatter the glass ceiling of the industry and doesn't like to be predictable, he's constantly brimming with exciting ideas. He lives for design and has been at the heart of all our creative projects from shop fit outs to branding!


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