Big Red Robe (Oolong)

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Big Red Robe is one of the great Wuyi Teas, and one of our favourites.  Produced from the Wuyi Qidan cultivar and picked in mid-April, carefully sun withered before charcoal roasting, resulting in its wonderful taste and aroma. Our Big Red Robe has been medium roasted giving it a rich mellow flavour with hints of cocoa, and a sweet almost floral aftertaste.

Brewing Instructions

Western style:

Measure 3g per cup (250ml), add water 90-95º C, infuse for 3 minutes.

3 Infusions.

Traditional Style:

Measure 3-5g per cup (100-125ml), infuse in 90-95º C water for 1 minute. Subsequent infusions from 60 seconds gradually increasing the time with each infusion.

Made this way the tea can be brewed between 3-5 times.



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