Mi Lan Xiang (Oolong)

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Mi Lan Xiang (Oolong)

This large leaf Chinese oolong is grown in the mountains of Feng Huang Shan in Guangdong province and is one of the oldest and most popular Oolongs of its kind. Mi Lan Xiang literally translates to ‘Honey Orchid’ to reflect the fragrance and character of the tea.  This tea is lightly oxidised and then roasted to bring out the signature ‘honey orchid’ fragrance and flavour.
The dark, large leaves give an orange liquor (infusion)with a sweetish honey/orchid flavour.

Brewing Instructions

Western style:

Measure 3g per cup (250ml), add water 90-95º C, infuse for 3 minutes.

3 Infusions.

Traditional Style:

Measure 3-5g per cup (100-125ml), infuse in 90-95º C water for 1 minute. Subsequent infusions from 60 seconds gradually increasing the time with each infusion.

Made this way the tea can be brewed between 3-5 times.



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