What’s your Flavour?

Find your perfect coffee with Grindsmith… 

Ever find yourself wandering through the coffee aisle, overwhelmed by the endless choices of beans staring back at you? Lots of countries and origins but no idea if that’s your thing? Or maybe you're just dipping your toes into the glorious world of home-brewed coffee and feeling a bit lost? Well, worry no more! Today, we're going to help you find your perfect cup. Here’s our ultimate guide to discovering your coffee flavour with Grindsmith!


The Magic of Beans 

First things first—let’s talk beans. Here at Grindsmith, we’re passionate about sourcing the finest beans from around the globe. From the rich, earthy flavors of South America to the bright, fruity notes of African beans, we’ve got something for everyone. But how do you choose the right one for you? Let’s break it down by flavour profiles and brew methods.


Flavour Profiles

If you love a cup that’s lively and full of zest, you’ll want to explore our African beans. These beans often boast bright, fruity notes that dance on your palate.


The delicate brewing method of a pour over really lets those fruity notes shine through, giving you a crisp and clean cup every time.


Looking for a coffee that’s a crowd-pleaser? Central American beans might be your go-to. They often have a balanced flavor profile with pleasant nuttiness and just the right amount of acidity.


Nothing beats the intense, concentrated flavors of an espresso to bring out the deep, sweet notes in these beans. Plus, it’s the base for all your favourite espresso-based drinks!


Craving a coffee that feels like a treat? Let us introduce you to a special gem from Nicaragua.


A little about the process … Finca El Bosque is produced using a natural process with an extended anaerobic fermentation. Ripe cherries are sorted, washed, and then placed in airtight tanks for up to 72 hours, allowing for a controlled fermentation. This meticulous process results in a delightfully sweet coffee that’s perfect for those who enjoy complex and vibrant flavours


Ready to find your perfect coffee?


Check out our full range of coffee beans. Each variety has detailed taste notes to guide you in your selection. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or a newbie, we’ve got something that’ll make your taste buds sing.


Don’t forget to share your favorite Grindsmith coffee and brewing method with us on social media! Tag us @GrindsmithCoffee and use the hashtag #WhatsYourFlavour. We can’t wait to see your perfect cups of coffee.





*For more information on our coffee beans and their flavour profiles feel free to email us on roastery@grindsmith.co.uk or drop us DM 



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